Sun. 01.12.2019 13:01

You are such an expressive performer and a master of ornaments.

Gabrielli, Bach. It is as if a musician from the Settecento came to us to demonstrate the style of that time in Bologna. Freedom of imagination, expression, agogics, but above all the playfulness in the sense of the ornaments. Here Bach is not the starting point of the great cello works, here he is integrated in his time. Especially in the juxtaposition of Gabrielli’s ricercare one experiences wonderfully the sense of time. The ornaments give the Ricercare a strong expressive value. They are like a fresh wind blowing through the CD. The whole thing is a great musical experience, which sets itself clearly apart from previous interpretations. Your Bach style is compelling, again and again I feel the need to hear a few phrases. I am completely taken with the sense of realism that you convey.